Jennifer Lloyd is Spreading the Word About Breast Cancer Research



A great friend and incredible role model, Jennifer Lloyd, shared her story of surviving breast cancer with our local WLBZ2 news station in Maine on Wednesday.

She is also a three-year breast cancer survivor and she’s sharing her story with as many women as possible. Lloyd was 39 years old, she had no family history of breast cancer and she had at least three mammograms. But in 2005, she found a lump under her arm. Her doctor confirmed her fear — it was breast cancer. “Nothing could prepare me for the phone call that would change my life,” she told one group recently. “So now I’ve chosen to pour myself into educating others about this disease and the truth about breast cancer.”

This Thursday, she’s headed to Harvard Medical School for a symposium on breast cancer research. I am so impressed by her work to spread the word about this. Please read her story, share it with friends and family and attend the symposium if you can.

I’m also raising money for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. If you’d like to help (even $5 or $10 helps a lot) you can donate using the ChipIn account I’ve created.

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  1. Dear Friend,

    We are happy to hear that you are a survivor of breast cancer. Sharing your story inspires women who have the beast cancer and their loved ones who are right by their sides. The Sister Study is a study that aims to learn the causes of breast cancer by observing women who have sister(s) with the disease. Thanks to many supporters, almost 50,000 women enrolled in the Study Sister!

    Due to an overwhelming representation, as of April 1st, the Sister Study will no longer enroll Caucasian women 35-64 years old with more than a high school degree. To remain faithful to the commitment to include women of all backgrounds, the researchers are still asking African American, Latina, Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American women 35-74 years old to enroll IMMEDIATELY.

    Caucasian women with a high school degree or less, or who are between the ages of 65-74 are also still needed. Due to a wide-range of environmental exposures in the workplace, the Sister Study is also reaching out to women who have ever held blue-collar or non-traditional occupations.

    We appreciate your courage and support of breast cancer research. Please spread the word about the Sister Study.


    The Sister Study

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