Anybody Out There?


How could I forget my experiences on the early days of the Internet. It was sometime in the mid 90’s (obviously) and we had an Apple Performa 575 with a Global Crossing dial up modem and the first available version of AOL. At that age, I was very computer savvy, having grown up with Macintosh computers since I could slap my thumbs on a spacebar. My parents set up the modem and then gave me free reign over the dial up domain (long before the days of parental controls). I think I created about five different screen names…no, scratch that, six of them, all derived from whatever cartoon, movie or band I like at the moment.

After waiting the obligatory 5-7 minutes to connect, I would curiously search for people, wondering who was out there in this strange universe of instant contact. I befriended a few people, all around my age (or at least I hope so) that chatted about everything from the latest version of Kid Pix to what websites we could find free games on. It’s funny to think that what is now habit for me started out on a phone modem the size of a military grade radio and a piece of software that is now struggling to stay afloat. My, how we’ve grown…

-Will Wheeler


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  1. 1 sassy441

    you must have been such an innovative kid. My grandma had 2 old school MACs that she used for grading up until recently when she got a new desktop and laptop from school. Her claim to fame is that they both still work. We would play great games on them…I can’t remember the name and it’s driving me crazy! I think my cousins would know!!

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