The Internet & My Life


I must admit I cannot clearly remember my first encounter with the Internet. It has sort of been omnipresent throughout my life, over the years gaining more and more importance without me even realizing it. To the point that today, it is impossible for me to imagine how the world ever functioned without it.

I remembered my father taught me how to look up things online using search engines like AltaVista, Lycos and Ask Jeeves. With them I was introduced to an endless amount of information. My friends, on the other hand, introduced me to instant messenger. ICQ, that is, and all of its quirky, and to a certain extent annoying, little sounds. So I was introduced to endless information sharing.

There were, I must say, a few misunderstandings a long the way. Like the time my mother thought I had signed up for some kind of x-rated messaging service because I used Or the time I thought I was instant messaging my boyfriend, when in reality I was sending messages to a random person on my msn friend list with the same name. Needless to say, I blocked this random stranger and never initiated communication with him again.

Despite these and other scattered bumps along the road, the Internet has had a marked positive influence in my life, enabling quick and efficient information sharing. It has made it possible for me to learn about anything I was ever curious about and has given me the means to connect with people anywhere in the world. I cannot remember my life without it and I cannot even try to take it out of my life. Making it the unrecognized center of my life.

-Maria Garcia


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