Think Before You Hug a Penguin


My favorite Web site is Club Penguin because you can hang out with your friends, talk to friends and make new friends. It is fun because you can buy new clothes, play games, decorate your igloo and win money. Club Penguin also has cool events like parties, contests, and free items on specific days. There is a free version, or you can join for more features. To subscribe to Club Penguin it is $6.99 per month, $30 for six months, and $57.95.

But be careful because you can get banned from using Club Penguin either short term or permanently. If you get banned from Club Penguin, you can only use the limited free version and you can never subscribe again. I know from personal experience, because I tried to hug another penguin. Another penguin who saw, thought I was trying to steal its purse and reported me. The next time I tried to log on it said I had been banned for life. I tried to write a letter to Club Penguin because I was so upset about being banned, but my parents wouldn’t let me, since I had previously been banned for fighting with my cousin’s penguin and saying a “bad word”. I will never forget the day I lost my Club Penguin privileges forever.


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6 Responses to “Think Before You Hug a Penguin”

  1. 2 HomieGintheHood

    Ha ha ha ha

  2. 3 sarahhutton

    Not fair at all!

  3. I want to join Club Penguin, now!

  4. i dont get it

  5. that’s awesome that you tried to hug a penguin…
    And if you’re were banned from Club Penguin, at least you made a sacrifice for love.
    very cool post.

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