OMG FB is Getting Rid of SN’s? Let’s Relive the Glory Days


When Will, Sarah, Amy, Mel, Maria and I were writing our first posts here, we had a lot of fun laughing and reminiscing about our first AIM screen names. Before we knew what an “avatar” was, we were busy carefully crafting SN names that would impress our friends and had some meaningful or funny significance to us. As Mel stated in her post, “Picking a screen name was painstakingly crucial…making lists with friends of our best options for sn’s, and which ones best reflected our totally awesome 13-year-oldness.”

Yesterday I was reading about Facebook Chat on the Inside Facebook blog when I came to Justin’s description of the service that stated, “Unlike most legacy chat networks, Facebook friends always show up with their real name – not “soccergrrl1984.

I get it. I get why Amanda Mooney might be better than fanofbsbs (*my roommate’s SN that she still uses; figure out the significance if you can:), but I’m still not ready to give up the glory days of cool AIM names and the totally geeky/awesome meaning behind them.

Today I tweeted and asked people to send over their first AIM screen name and the story behind it. Here’s what I got back (some are particularly classic):

@pamelump: “My first screen name was Parmalat13 because Parmalat was a sponsor of the 1994 World Cup and my soccer number was 13”

@fletchlivessexy: “I picked the name “aardking” when i was in 7th grade because it seemed unique, and isnt that what middle school is all about?”

@ThecuLoop: “Fishmn111 was my first AIM SN. Fish was my nickname from 5th grade through highschool (still what im called by some old friends).”

@MaryMetcalf: “Embarassing! My first one was cheer42485. I loved cheerleading (bday #s) When I was little- guess that is the difference- we started young!”

@RickMurray: “Mine was rickandlea… You can guess who lea is.”

@amblass: “Changed screennames like the weather… one was AngelWriter2003… loved angels, loved writing, 2003 was year of grad. So creative, huh?”

@Strutting: “Gruntbot1807. We just thought “grunt” was a cool word back then, and robots were cool. 1807 = Giuseppe Garibaldi was born”

@MsCharlotte: “Calotta82 (and still is)! I wanted it to be Carlotta, a silly nick name my mom occasionally used, but it was already taken so it ended up being calotta82. 82 for the year I was born. “

And from the ASL gang:

Mine: (As I mentioned in my last post) amandam1623. 1623 because I was a total theater geek and 1623 was the year of the first printing of Shakespeare’s First Folio.

@WillWheeler: “Piccolo32-based on my favorite character from the anime series “Dragonball Z” and my lucky number at the time, 32.”

@SarahHutton: “After hours of discussing with my friend I decided on Weirdo2468. I hated it. I think my friend tricked me and maybe wasn’t such a great friend because no one else liked it and I was pretty embarrassed. I quickly changed it to the screen name I have now, going strong for almost 10 years!”

@Mel: “Mel 0343,” after one friend decided we should keep it simple and use our nicknames and the last 4 digits of our home phone numbers (genius!!1!)”

@AmyYen (ok, I have to leave a lot of space for her; she has A LOT to say about AIM names:) “For the longest time it was AbsolutAmy1014, because I liked the Absolut Vodka ads. 10 & 14 are the jersey numbers for two of my favorite hockey players, Brenden Morrow & Stu Barnes of the Dallas Stars. So I’m an advertising dork AND a sports dork…

Oooh, I have an even dorkier one! amerlyn7–which is still my primary Yahoo address that I use to play fantasy sports–because we had a Russian friend in high school & the running joke was always that her name ‘wasn’t Russian enough.’ So one day, we decided to make up ridiculous Russian names for ourselves that were all ‘more Russian’ than her name. Mine was Amerlyn Yenski. And if you want to know how far this went, my dad’s SN is JYenski. We keep the dorkiness in the family.”

@MariaGarcia: “I never had one! :( I can write a blog post about MSN!?”

What was yours?



5 Responses to “OMG FB is Getting Rid of SN’s? Let’s Relive the Glory Days”

  1. Weirdo2468: Hey, Piccolo32 a/s/l?????

  2. 2 MsCharlotte

    What a great post! I love the stories behind people’s screen names!

  3. 3 Will

    wow, never thought I’d ever see that Screen Name in a message box. I think you’ve inspired me to bring it back.

  4. 4 john smith

    cool story – my screen name is a remnant from my first shared AOL subscription with my brother from around 1995 – he set it up and was into James Bond, so his was his name followed by 007, and he made mine my name followed by 008 – been using it ever since.

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