ASL Joins AdRants!


Amy, Will, Sarah, Mel, Maria, Pamela, John and I are all excited to announce that we’re joining Steve Hall and Angela Natividad as contributors on AdRants! We’ve always been huge fans of the site so we’re excited to jump into the conversation and discuss all things new media marcom from the perspective of digital natives. Here’s the announcement Steve made today on AdRants today:

Adrants Adds Staff, Serves Up Social Media Savvy


Adrants is pleased to announce the addition of a squad of writers who will join Angela and me to bring you more of what you’ve come to love. Five social media junkies who all met at Emerson College in Boston and now work/intern at Schneider Associates will contribute to Adrants on a semi-regular basis.

Each will bring their own flavor of editorial prowess to Adrants. Mostly, they’ll focus on the proliferation of social media and what that means both to people who have embedded themselves within the increasing social aspects of online life and to marketers trying to reach this hyper-connected, digitally-distributed, socially-savvy crowd.

We hope you enjoy what they have to offer and the insight they bring. And oh yes, there will be humor and there will be fun. There will be Facebook breakups, misunderstood and embarrassing tweets, awkward Facebook Friending and ruminations from John, our 13-year-old “correspondent” who will keep us up to date on all things Club Penguin and other online activities for the teen and tween crowd.

But they won’t be doing this solely on Adrants. You can also catch them on one of their blogs which has been relaunched as a group blog to focus on the many elements of “growing up digital.” It’s called Our American Shelf Life. Give it a read.

And over on Our American Shelf Life, you can read all about the crew: Amanda Mooney, Amy Yen, Will Wheeler, Sarah Hutton, Maria Garcia, Melissa Eddy and John. You can read about Pamela Seiple, who will also be part of the squad and a writer for Our American Shelf Life, over at her blog.

We hope you enjoy the added content and insight they will provide as you tread further into the ever changing world of social media and all media for that matter.”

Stay tuned and send us your latests spots for our review!

-Amanda Mooney


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