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Last week Facebook did something very strange to its best user…ahem, me.  I used a feature called wall-to wall, where one can view comments made between themselves and another, or between two friends.  While doing so, a message appeared that said something along the lines of “You are using this feature to spam and if you continue Facebook will delete your account.”  Er, excuse me, spamming? By using a feature they created to increase users’ stalking abilities?  And I’m not the only one.  My friend Meg was sending a message to a friend of her’s last week and got a similar message.  So what’s the deal?
Facebook has long been my choice outlet for social networking, ever since it began a network at Emerson at the beginning of my freshmen year.  Over the years, its gone from a very simple, restricted, profile-based site to an open network with applications, photos, videos, and now chatting.  The site has become extremely popular, and unfortunately is often cluttered with information.  I am an addict though, and I just can’t quit.  I love the applications and stalking tools (Yes, tools. They are very very important to me).  I like being able to share things with my friends, and seeing what they have to share with the world.  
Spamming has become a significant problem on the site.  People post multiple messages on group boards spamming about all sorts of events and services, and it gets pretty irritating to read.  It’s great that Facebook is trying to curb this behavior and stop spammers from making the site even more busy than it is, but I wonder what their method is for locating spammers?  I’ve heard horror stories (Facebook, is dramatic ya’ll) about people having their accounts deleted without warning because they were suspected of spamming, even though they did nothing out of the ordinary.  Facebook has restrictions on the number of friends or posts a person can make in one month as another way to stop those pesky spammers.  
Facebook addiction
But Facebook, I’m not a spammer! I love you! I thought we had something really great!  Our relationship was really progressing, and we were taking it to the next level with this chat business!  Am I clinging?  Do you need space?
Well, I’m sorry Facebook, but I can’t give you space.  I have to have you.  Even though you push me away with the name-calling.  I can only hope that you sort out your spam control and give me the care I deserve.  The sad thing is, I’m going to stay with you Facebook, even if you do treat me like a spammer.


– Mel Eddy


5 Responses to “Melissa Eddy: Facebook Spammer”

  1. 1 Sarah

    you KNOW you were spamming!

  2. I should have flagged her a long time ago:)

  3. Great and funny post, Mel!

    You made me laugh at 2h00AM in a day that I’m really tired. So, you deserve the congratulations.

    I hope you and Facebook can work things out. :)


  4. 4 sarah

    ASL-Check out this article on Pandemic Labs…MEL YOU FB SPAMMER!!

  5. 5 micheal

    great site here ,,lovely people in house…by…

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