Old Friends?


I logged on to my msn messenger account yesterday after quite a long time (probably more than a month) of not doing so. I skimmed through my list of online friends, there were about 10, and realized that at first sight I only knew one of them. So I asked myself, where did all these strangers come from?

I looked through the rest of my list of so-called friends, and was quite pleased to see that I did remember who most of them were. I was not as bad a friend as I had originally thought. My msn friends were mainly old friends from high school, random people I had met during my teenage years and was too embarrassed to ask their phone numbers and so had asked for their msn email instead and so on.

I must admit though that most of them I hadn’t had contact with in years. The people I truly wanted to have conversations with I would seek out by other means; email, Facebook, phone calls and even Twitter. The rest I guess never played a very big part in my life anyway and were my friends only temporarily. They had simply remained on my list throughout the years. I guess I should no longer consider them my friends.

Ever since coming to college I have probably spoken to three of my msn friends. And have never spoken to the rest and probably never will, but I wouldn’t delete them either. Why they’re there I honestly don’t know. It is too much work to actually talk to them and it is too cruel of me to delete them. I guess they’re just there in case I decide to talk to them someday, but I probably won’t. It’s just weird.

-Maria Garcia


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