A Disconnected Girl in a Crackberry World


When did I become that person? The kind who can’t go one hour, let alone one whole day, without e-mail and not feel incredibly disconnected. Last weekend, I went on a two-day trip to New York, staying at a hotel without wireless and armed only with my woefully inadequate Motorola KRZR. I felt like I had gone into hiding, with no contact with the outside world.

I could have sworn it wasn’t even two years that it was cool to have a thin, tiny phone and it didn’t even matter what other features were on it as long as you could talk and text.

And then, seemingly overnight, suddenly, everyone I knew had a Blackberry and I was left at social media events, bravely carrying the torch for text-tweeters everywhere…if, in fact, there is more than one of us. Suddenly, due to my phone’s absurd inability to be anything other than a phone, I had become The Most Disconnected Person in the World.

I keep expecting people to try to comfort me. “It’s not so bad that you won’t know what other people are saying on Twitter until you go home and check it on your computer,” they’ll say. “I mean, regular phones are so throwback, you know. I bet they’ll come back. Everything that was big in the 80’s does!”

I guess until they do, it’s not so bad being The Most Disconnected Person in the World. Don’t worry, I’ll keep checking my e-mail 45 times a day. That is, when I’m not in hiding.

-Amy Yen


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