My Birthday


Last week I turned thirteen and got some great presents. I got a new 26” Insingia LCD HDTV, 2,000 Wii points, a stuffed Mario doll, and money from my relatives. I really wanted a iPod Nano but I didn’t get it. I’m really tired of using my sister’s sick old scratched Mini. Maybe I can buy it with the money I got. Even though I didn’t get everything I wanted it’s okay because I’m going to my favorite place ever this weekend: Dave & Busters, so I will win a lot of tokens and have a great time with my friends and cousin.

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4 Responses to “My Birthday”

  1. haha, great post! loving it and looking forward to upcoming posts like this one

  2. 2 Sarah

    He is too funny. His sister’s “sick old scratched mini” I think I got my own phone line when I turned 13

  3. Hey, I liked the Mini! Mine served me well for 4 years. ;)

    Good call, Dave & Busters is awesome. Have fun & happy belated!

  4. @Sarah so funny! I remember when DJ on Full House got her own phone line. It seemed sooooo cool at the time. Now if you don’t have your own cell phone before you’re 10, it’s a tragedy.

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