Facebook Knows My Name Better Than I Do


So, for the last year or so I have been trying to change my name on Facebook. Sadly, I must admit all my efforts have been in vain.

Originally, my name on Facebook was “Maria A. Garcia.” I was quite happy with this name until Facebook became open to the public and my dad found out about it. Being Colombian and also paranoid, my dad asked me to remove my last name from a public Web site because he thought it was not safe. Thinking that his petition stood on firm ground, I requested my name to be changed to include only my first and second given names, “Maria Alejandra.”

The problem with this is that no one can find me now. This defeats the purpose of belonging Facebook in the first place! If you join Facebook, you clearly want to be found. This was exactly why, about a year ago, I began requesting a second name change.

By now, I have tried everything. My full name, “Maria Garcia De la Ossa,” is rejected because it has too many words. That is true; my full name does have too many words, but it is my name nonetheless. “Maria Garcia,” although accepted for submission somehow never gets approved. “Maria Alejandra Garcia,” never gets approved either. I have run out of versions of my name and still Facebook won’t even take the name I originally set.

So, I must ask, what criteria must a name fulfill in order to get approved by Facebook? How is Facebook to know if a person’s name is indeed their name? And how does Facebook know that a person’s real name is not their name? Aside from this I belong to generation of people who joined Facebook while still single, what happens when we get married and change our names?

Facebook seems to be under the impression that it is the bearer of all truths. As valuable as Facebook has proven to be, its rather mysterious and strict name changing rules are quite frustrating. Never did I imagine that Facebook would believe my legitimate request to be a farce.


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  1. I have quite a few friends who have gotten married and have successfully changed their names to their married names on Facebook. Most of them actually include their maiden name, I suppose to make sure people can find them when searching. I’m not sure why Facebook isn’t allowing you to change your name, other than you’ve put in so many requests to change your name that maybe they are suspicious? I would just email customer service and ask them what’s up. I once sent them an email using their contact form and they were pretty good with getting me an answer. Hope this helps.

  2. 2 sarahhutton

    OMG MARIA! I’m so sorry! Do we blame Facebook for not accepting your name? Or the Colombian way for giving you too many names in the first place? How did you fill out standardized test papers? ;)

  3. Hola Aly!!! me gustó mucho tu post, al principio pensé que el blog era tuyo tuyo y que tu novio (o ex novio?) te botó por facebook, casi te llamo, estaba infartada.. jajaja luego me di cuenta q era algo grupal.

    Que risa esta broma del nombre, a mi también me pasó al parecido.. como engo una prima q se llama igual q yo “Ana Cristina Sosa”, ana me parece horrible, y aquí todo el mundo me dice ANI, me lo cambié.. pero no sabes ¡cuánto me costó! en fin! me gusta q estés escribiendo. los blogs son adictivos, y

    HABLEN DE OTRA COSA ADEMAS DE FACEBOOK, jajajaja, el 80% del blog es FB, I know.. its addictive and fun.

    tqm!!! a ver cuando los vuelvo a visitar


  4. Well, at least you’ve already got an account. Good for you. My case is extremely difficult than most of you. I can’t even get my name to be approved. Why? Because my real name is Never Gacias Judit. In effect, I can’t get in touch with our whole family/clan who are already in Facebook. I feel very discriminated and I hate Facebook for that.

  5. I was wondering, we have been trying to set up a Facebook presence for our authorized campaign using the name Vince Flaherty for Senator. But Facebook automatically rejected the name and they have not replied to numerous messages about how to submit, even though there are plenty of political groups on Facebook, such as the Democratic National Committee or Students for Barack Obama that aren’t actual people.

    Would someone please let us know how it can be done?

    • I don’t think Facebook will let you make a profile with a name like “Vince Flaherty for Senator” because it doesn’t sound like a real name. You can, however, make a page or a group with that title (and I’m guessing what you actually want is a group or page that people can find, see and join without having to friend request, but I dunno).

      Hope that helps!

  1. 1 The Facebook name game

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