How the Web has Changed My Morning Routine


When I was in highschool, this was my morning routine:

Wake up at 5:30, shower, brush my teeth, do my hair, put on some makeup, head to the dining room to talk to my family over a quick breakfast, grab my books and head to school for 7:30 show choir practice and classes.

Aside from talking to my family, my morning routine was pretty solitary. I started my day with a small circle of 3 people in my immediate family (4 if you count my dog Prince Mooney:)

Today, however, my routine is drastically different:

I wake up around 6, take a shower and brush my teeth and do the normal grooming involved in getting ready… and then go into my living room, turn on my computer, pop open four windows for Twitter, Facebook, Outlook and Google Reader and spend my morning talking to the 1,000+ people on my Twitter Feed, hundreds of friends on Facebook, anyone who’s emailed me and am following threads of discussion around the Web that show up in my Reader; at the same time, I’m chatting with my roomates (if they’re up that early). On my way to work and class, I’m listening to podcasts on my iPod to catch up on news and my favorite shows while emailing, texting and scanning a few headlines from sites like Ad Age Digital, AdRants, the WSJ, NY Times and Boston Globe…

My morning routine use to set a tone that made sitting in a lecture-style class manageable. Now, if my work and class environment is not social, engaging and interactive, I can’t stand it.

I would love to hear how your morning routine has changed and how that new routine sets the tone for your day.

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-Amanda Mooney


3 Responses to “How the Web has Changed My Morning Routine”

  1. 1 VEEBS

    I wrote an almost identical post about a month ago about this! Although even that has changed, since in the past 2 weeks I got a Twitter account and a Google Reader, so I’m reaching out into the internet world even more. If you’re interested, here is my post:

  2. 2 sarahhutton

    Love it. I actually check facebook, twitter, gmail, CNN, etc. BEFORE i even get out of bed. It’s literally the first thing I do in the morning. Gotta stay connected..

  3. 3 Will

    2 hours each morning to get through my Google Reader feeds. Yup, its definitely changed.

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