Facebook Chat Has Arrived!


Oh man- the day finally arrived! We have Facebook Chat! My first impressions: I love it! I definitely like the UI better than GTalk and AIM but wish it had VOIP and group chat. I still prefer Skype as my platform of choice but I’m pretty excited about this shiny new social media tool.

What are your thoughts? Do you love it, hate it…? Drop a comment below with your thoughts.

-Amanda Mooney


8 Responses to “Facebook Chat Has Arrived!”

  1. 1 sarahhutton

    Fbook chat is great! It could be potentially dangerous though. Some “friends” I just do not want to talk to! Haven’t checked out their privacy settings yet.

  2. “It could be potentially dangerous though. Some “friends” I just do not want to talk to!” I totally agree Sarah. Already had an experience today w/ that.

  3. I haven’t gotten it, but it looks pretty neat and unobtrusive. I’d prefer some customization options or maybe even some smilies (does it have smilies?).

  4. @corvida yeah- there’s really no customization yet. Not even an away message option (just online or off)… and of course emoticons are essential:)

  5. I’m glad there are people out there just as excited as I was about FB chat. I made my department sign onto FB that morning so I could play. Though it’s kind of annoying because at work I’m not supposed to be on FB for a while– so chatting doesn’t help me with this rule.

  6. I’ve hunted down the complete list of Facebook smilies here: http://20bits.com/2008/04/08/easter-eggs-in-facebook-chat/

    They’re adding and changing them all the time, so I’ll try to keep on top. Let me know if you guys catch a new one.


  7. 7 Joseph Morris

    hey guys, that website has most emotes, but i really cant find 1 site with all of them. one i continually see missed is :* the kissing emote, and it works in facebook chat.

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