Sound Bite from Steve Rubel at PSFK: “The Web Site is Dead”


I’m digging into some new videos recently uploaded on Piers Fawkes’s YouTube channel from the PSFK Confernece in NY. Great stuff here including sound bites like this from my soon-to-be colleague Steve Rubel.

-Amanda Mooney


One Response to “Sound Bite from Steve Rubel at PSFK: “The Web Site is Dead””

  1. You know, I cringe every time I hear anyone say that anything in media is dead. It’s not that I disagree with his point here, but saying things are dead (99 out of 100 times) is hyperbolic. In fairness, I’m just responding to this snipit. Everything he said about multi-channel and cut and paste web I agree with. But it’s easy for those of us who use RSS feeds, social media, and customized homepages (etc, etc), to pronounce the web site is dead. Huge numbers of people still don’t have broad band. Paper brochures are still relevant. Large numbers of people — often older ages and higher economic demographics — are not using social media. And sometimes, you just need to Google a company and look at their brochure site for basic info. The landscape is clearly shifting, but very little dies in media.

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