I Literally LOLed: Sarah’s Rant on Facebook Chat


Proving again that Sarah is really honest and really funny, here are some of her thoughts on Facebook Chat I captured over lunch today with the ASL crew. Also in the video, you’ll see why Maria’s laugh is totally infectious:)

-Amanda Mooney


8 Responses to “I Literally LOLed: Sarah’s Rant on Facebook Chat”

  1. i love this. This is going on Adrants:-) You are hilarious, Sarah!

  2. 2 sarahhutton

    In talking to my bff Jessica on fbook chat just now, here is what she had to say:

    heres my problem
    I cant move this chat from blocking my screen
    oh i see i can minimize it
    but its annoying
    like can i see if you’ve said something

    & Steve I would LOVE to grace AdRants!

  3. I think the worst bit of it is that you can’t control who can contact you. Yes, you can just go offline with it but maybe i want to chat with some people. I think Facebook would do well to enable filtering by groups (since friend lists have become available).

    Groups that have high engagement (podcasts, blogs, public figures etc) get a lot of “facebook friends” where you don’t really want to talk 1 to 1 (necessarily)… my .02% of a dollar.

    James Connors

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