Just in Time for Graduation…


Bryan Person and SHIFT are hosting a really great social media breakfast this coming Thursday at Ryles. The topic is: “Hiring/Getting Hired in a 2.0 World.” It’s a totally different environment for finding or filling a job opening now. The resume is dead, the cover letter is 140 characters or less and important first impressions start on Facebook when your potential colleagues check out your profile before your interview. I wouldn’t miss this event (unless, like me, you have work/finals that morning).

Will, Sarah, Amy, Mel, Maria, Pamela, Laura… are you guys going?

-Amanda Mooney


8 Responses to “Just in Time for Graduation…”

  1. Amanda, thanks for mentioning the event here. I’m really looking forward to discussions next Thursday!

  2. I’ll be there, just registered!!!

    BTW kick ass registration form…don’t think those 4 words have ever been in the same sentence.

  3. 3 sarahhutton

    Duh, so down. Employ me…

    Will, you get so excited about the little things.

  4. Will I’m totally jealous that you can go. I expect a full ASL report on the action. Photos + Flip are necessary.

  5. Sarah, I hope Will and @scottmonty work out dress code before so the weather’s nice that day ;)

  6. 6 Will

    LOL you guys are too funny!!!

    but seriously, if Scott’s going, he’ll know to wear pastels.

  7. I have to hand in a paper that morning and an exam later that afternoon, but I’m working to hand in the paper early so I can go …

  8. Upsetting! Wish I could go, but once again work gets in the way of social media. Can’t wait to see the video & photos you will be taking. ;)

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