Welcoming Our Friend Laura Nelson to ASL!


We are very happy to welcome our good friend Laura Nelson as a contributor on ASL! Here is a short introduction to Laura I recorded at tonight’s Rubber Chicken Social Club meetup and her first post. – Amanda

The Full Weblog: Relationships that require more than 140 characters

Last summer, I worked in the commercialization department of a R&D company, for a very entrepreneurial, web-savvy boss. He is extremely plugged in to the startup scene, and fostered in me a similar interest in emerging technology. I knew when I left the company that he would be valuable for advice in the future.

Now, like everyone else, I’m a believer in staying in touch with colleagues- that’s why social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are so popular. And, for many of my friends and acquaintances, online messaging and commenting are fine ways to say, “Hey! Don’t forget about me!” or “I’m moving to San Francisco!” or “Looking for a job?”

It had been over six months since my former boss and I chatted, so we finally aligned our schedules for lunch last week. With excitement, I filled him in on my new interest in social media, impending graduation and my work at Schneider Associates. He revealed his own projects, recapped his time at a professional conference. Good times. Upon leaving, he quipped, “Let’s not have a microblogging relationship- I want the full weblog!”

I had to laugh at his metaphor… and the allusion to the full monty, the whole story, all unlimited by character count.

-Laura Nelson


2 Responses to “Welcoming Our Friend Laura Nelson to ASL!”

  1. Sooooooo awesome to see you blogging, Laura! Also, I was going to say that game you’re talking about is Donkey Kong, but I don’t think that’s right. I don’t think you demolish a building. ;)

  2. 2 Will

    Laura is my fave

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