What’s “In, Out and Yet to Come”?


Trendsspotting has an awesome post up/ presentation on SlideShare that gives a roundup of 10 marketing influencers’ thoughts on trends we’ll see this year. I want to know what the ASL crew and readers here think. What’s in, what’s out… you know the drill.

-Amanda Mooney


One Response to “What’s “In, Out and Yet to Come”?”

  1. I went through the slideshow and found myself agreeing a lot. Here’s a couple items I think didn’t get enough play or were left out:

    IN – Managing your reputation online, the convergence of social networks/aggregation through API, subscription music models (iTunes!), eco-fication of business and public works, measuring through engagement and attention (not clicks),

    OUT – Click metrics

    YET TO COME – personalized advertising (i.e. “you’re going to be served ads, you now get to choose what you want to see, where you see it, and how you are reached”)

    Thanks for posting this up. I think the biggest move is that our generation (the 20 somethings) are more and more engaged with technology than any other. We’ll be driving the innovation and calling for more and more interaction from brands and personalities.

    James Connors

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