Steve’s Got MySpace Angles


The ASL crew had an awesome night with Adrant’s Steve Hall at the ROFLCon party at The Barbarian Group office. In response to Will’s “She’s got MySpace Angles” post, Steve snapped this shot to show off his best angle for his profile (Note the filter used on the second. A nice classic B&W or better yet, a little technicolor or charcoal filter can do amazing things for anyone trying to achieve what Will calls “a faux artsy angle”). BTW: OMFG Steve has “37 billion” friends on MySpace.

Image from Steve’s TwitPic feed

-Amanda Mooney


4 Responses to “Steve’s Got MySpace Angles”

  1. Clearly, I need MUCH more Photoshopping:-)

  2. 2 sarahhutton

    This is too good! Steve you look so great in black and white!

  3. 3 Will

    Well played, well played.

  4. Ah, but I look much better with a bit more close cropping an the ever face-friendly “warmify” filter :-)

    Barbarian Group VIP Party After ROFLcon

    Still, I could use a Photoshop expert…

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