This Could Be Next: Software Rentals


I’m in the middle of finishing up a project for my design class and am either running back and forth between my school’s library to use Photoshop or using inadequate tools I have in programs already installed on my computer. I don’t use design software for personal use outside of work enough to justify paying hundreds of dollars to own it. What I would love is a rental model for software like this. I could pay a fee to rent the software and use it for a limited period of time. Once the time expires, so too does my access to it. Does this already exist? If not, I’d love to see this developed.

-Amanda Mooney


One Response to “This Could Be Next: Software Rentals”

  1. There are a number of technologies that are similar to what you’re talking about. I think that Microsoft will be trying to deploy this model with Office in the near future.

    However, to help out your more immediate needs, you could try out photoshop express online at – it’s a scaled down version of PS but it might have the tools you need?

    Good luck with the project!

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