Club Penguin Mania!


Maybe John and his friends are really on to something. According to a Times Online article that @AmandaMooney came across, Club Penguin is hitting the world by storm after its recent launch in the U.K. An estimated 750,000 British children are already engaging on Club Penguin. I give John props for joining the site long before it was bought by Disney for $115 million last August, in what is now worth an estimated $700 million.

I think Club Penguin has been a huge success because it is one of the only online communities that caters directly to and only for kids. Club Penguin provides a social interaction that other sites cannot by allowing the penguins to partake in virtual activities like parties, shopping, and making friends, that kids are doing offline. John and his friends also like to find fun cheats and secret information found on blogs like Club Penguin Monster.

-Sarah Hutton


3 Responses to “Club Penguin Mania!”

  1. 1 idontbreakcp

    Yeah it realy cool i Love clubpenguin im a huge fan and i like when you said “Club Penguin is hitting the world by storm” That was cool :P this is my clubpenguin blog this is my OLD clubpenguin blog with over 90,000 hits

    Waddle off! :)


  3. 3 crazy for CP

    check out this cool site I like it a lot!! I love this site too!

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