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New site the ASL crew loves- PROpenMic. When Robert French tweeted me a few weeks (or month?? time flies when you’re in finals so I’m not sure) back and asked for name suggestions for a new site he was starting up, I didn’t imagine to scope of what he was building.

The network he has launched is a site for students, professors and professionals in PR to connect, exchange ideas and feedback, resources, job openings, etc. Built on a Ning platform, Robert has created a community (572 people from 30 countries already signed up) that, still really early in its launch, is incredibly engaging and valuable.

Today Amy and I presented it to our colleagues at Schneider Associates in our presentation of “The Social Media Site of the Week” we give at our weekly staff meeting.

One group on the site I think is really cool is Ask Phil where Phil Gomes, vice president of Edelman Digital (my employer after graduation), answers students’ questions about the field. He’s tackled tough questions like “What should you write when employers ask you to list your salary requirements on your application?” What components are critical in making a social network engaging to keep members coming back?” and posted this video in response to my question:

Phil, in your “Keeping People Interested” video, you quoted Gary Dauphin saying the most successful social networks “have a flexibility of purpose…At a certain point, you have to let the community decide what to do with what you’ve built.” It seems the same could be said of companies and brands. Do you (and how do you) advise your clients to have this kind of flexibility and open themselves up for co-creation with customers and other stakeholders?

Thanks from all of the ASL crew to Robert for creating such an awesome site and to the students, teachers and practitioners like Phil that make it so engaging and valuable.

-Amanda Mooney


4 Responses to “Social Media Site of the Week: PROpenMic”

  1. Hey, Amanda! Thanks for sharing PROpenMic. I saw a little flood of new members yesterday from Schneider Associates. :o) You did share with them, I hope, that you are partially responsible for the site’s name. I really appreciated your help and input. And, hey, we reached 600 members today! WooHoo! Thanks, Amanda.

  2. 2 sarahhutton

    Really getting into PR Open Mic. I think it’s a great network and has a lot to offer the PR community! I also like how Robert French engages with users, thanking them for signing up, checking out their blogs, and egaging in meaningful conversations.

  3. Thanks, Sarah. Hey, I feel like I’ve kind of invited you into my home, so to speak. So, I really want to welcome each and every member. Heck, I’m learning from all of you, and that’s the truth. :o) It is a pleasure to get to know you, Amanda and all the other members. Take care!

  4. Robert, did we mention that we wish all of our teachers were more like you:)?

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