Steve Hall Tells His Adrunts How it All Began


Over dinner at Sonsie last weekend, ASL friend Steve Hall told us about how he started Adrants, his favorite and least favorite sites on the Web and his response to Amy’s question, “What’s the most surprising thing that’s happened in advertising.”

Please excuse the quality of the video. It wasn’t a result of my beloved Flip; Sonsie’s uber trendy pitch-black mood lighting made it tough to capture good video:)

-Amanda Mooney


6 Responses to “Steve Hall Tells His Adrunts How it All Began”

  1. Who the hell was that blithering idiot? This is supposed to be the guy behind Adrants? There’s no way this doofus could possibly have hal the brain to know anything about advertising. I mean listen to him….he can’t even remember what questions he was asked!

  2. I love your responses! Thanks for being cool about the ASL crew attacking you with our Flip and our questions over dinner:) Hope to do it again soon.

  3. 3 sarahhutton

    Steve you are great on camera!

  4. Looking hot, Steve. ;)

  5. 5 Will

    and what a good story it was :-P

  6. Gah. We have to hurry and do something about the Utah.

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