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The ASL crew had an awesome night with Adrant’s Steve Hall at the ROFLCon party at The Barbarian Group office. In response to Will’s “She’s got MySpace Angles” post, Steve snapped this shot to show off his best angle for his profile (Note the filter used on the second. A nice classic B&W or better […]

Trendsspotting has an awesome post up/ presentation on SlideShare that gives a roundup of 10 marketing influencers’ thoughts on trends we’ll see this year. I want to know what the ASL crew and readers here think. What’s in, what’s out… you know the drill. -Amanda Mooney

Proving again that Sarah is really honest and really funny, here are some of her thoughts on Facebook Chat I captured over lunch today with the ASL crew. Also in the video, you’ll see why Maria’s laugh is totally infectious:) -Amanda Mooney

Bryan Person and SHIFT are hosting a really great social media breakfast this coming Thursday at Ryles. The topic is: “Hiring/Getting Hired in a 2.0 World.” It’s a totally different environment for finding or filling a job opening now. The resume is dead, the cover letter is 140 characters or less and important first impressions […]

Here is a quick interview with Anthony Hand, a user experience designer for mobile we met at the Rubber Chicken Social Club meetup. -Amanda Mooney

We are very happy to welcome our good friend Laura Nelson as a contributor on ASL! Here is a short introduction to Laura I recorded at tonight’s Rubber Chicken Social Club meetup and her first post. – Amanda The Full Weblog: Relationships that require more than 140 characters Last summer, I worked in the commercialization […]

I’m digging into some new videos recently uploaded on Piers Fawkes’s YouTube channel from the PSFK Confernece in NY. Great stuff here including sound bites like this from my soon-to-be colleague Steve Rubel. -Amanda Mooney

I wanted to quickly share some reflection on my previous post: The Time I got Dumped on Facebook. Although the situation at the time was very difficult, outing a good friend through my post was wrong and could have been just as humiliating as the original situation. My intentions were not to embarrass him, or […]

I recently read an interesting take on Chris Anderson’s assertion that the future of business is free from Max Kalehoff on his AttentionMax blog (a must-subscribe-to site). I want your perspective as digital natives. Most of us actually started high school in ’99 when Napster was formed. We suddenly had money in our pockets to […]

Oh man- the day finally arrived! We have Facebook Chat! My first impressions: I love it! I definitely like the UI better than GTalk and AIM but wish it had VOIP and group chat. I still prefer Skype as my platform of choice but I’m pretty excited about this shiny new social media tool. What […]