Why Can’t My Facebook Reconnection and I Go Back to Being Non-Existent in Each Other’s Lives?


Everyone has a Facebook reconnection story. The crush you had in middle school who now goes to your rival college, the childhood best friend who you haven’t seen in 13 years, ever since your dad got a new job and you were forced to move to MiddleofNowheretown, Arkansas (not that I’m bitter). Reconnecting on Facebook is sometimes wonderful, often awkward…and occasionally disastrous. Recently, I reconnected with an old friend who moved away to Wisconsin in middle school. It was one of those particularly painful friend-moving-away situations where I never really expected to ever hear from her again, so I was excited to find her on Facebook.

Little did I know that my dear friend had somehow missed the memo about proper etiquette for rekindling one’s middle school friendships on Facebook & was planning on using her newfound power for evil. Before long, I started getting emails from this friend, who had clearly poached my address from my Facebook profile. At first, I was excited. Yay, I thought, my friend was surely emailing me to find out how my life has turned out since she fled to Wisconsin. So you can imagine my shock & disappointment upon discovering that all the emails I got from her were—prepare yourself—chain letters & forwards.

That’s right, my Facebook reconnection had put me on her mass mailing list. Soon, my other friends who had also friended her were bringing it up uncomfortably in conversation & we were all dismayed to discover that not only did our dear old friend see our joyful reconnection on Facebook solely as an opportunity to add more people to her spam list, but she also had apparently never gotten over the great chain letter craze of the 90s.

So sadly, this experience really not only led to me wishing we had never reconnected, but also that we had never been friends in the first place so that I wouldn’t have been in the position where I’d WANT to reconnect, 10 years later. But hey, at least I found out that if I passed this email on to 50 of my closest friends, my crush will reveal himself to me.

-Amy Yen


4 Responses to “Why Can’t My Facebook Reconnection and I Go Back to Being Non-Existent in Each Other’s Lives?”

  1. Ha:) The last line is the best. I hated to do this but I had to unfriend someone on FB today because she sent me incessant app requests.

  2. 2 Ilya

    Why couldn’t you just ask your friend to stop including you in her mass emails?

  3. Facebook has never really been of value in making a connection that was actually worth something to me.

  4. I really can’t abide chain letters and I simply don’t understand their appeal to some people. Some of my “friends” on myspace pollute the bulletins so much that it is nearly unusable. At least with email you can filter that junk.

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