We’re Graduating!!!


Tomorrow Laura will kick off a weekend of ASL graduations as she graduates from Simmons. On Sunday, Pamela will graduate from BU and on Monday, Amy, Maria, Mel and I will all be graduating from Emerson!

To celebrate, we’ll be posting some of our school projects and a really special American Shelf Life Graduating Class of 2008 commencement speech from Laura. Stay tuned!

Image from Lowry Lou

-Amanda Mooney


2 Responses to “We’re Graduating!!!”

  1. Congratulations to all of you; I hope your weekends are incredibly special. Cheers, Rick.

  2. Congrats all around!!

    I hope that ASL will continue to pump out great content on a regular basis! If you’re looking for more contributor, you know where to find me ;-)

    Best wishes,
    James Connors

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