I Love Michael Cera and His BFF Clark’s Web Series


If Juno wasn’t enough reason to love Michael Cera, check out this Web series he created with his “bff” Clark Duke that CBS is backing. I just discovered it when I was surfing Funny or Die and found the link on Michael’s profile but apparently it’s been up for about a year. Michael says:

“As an actor I’ve continually searched for the role that only I could play. Finally, one day a script came along written by two young and aspiring Interior Designers who were taking their own crack at making it small-time in Hollywood. Their names were Clark Duke and Michael Cera, and one of them was me. The part of “Michael” jumped off the page, getting all over my shirt and most of my lap. I knew it was the part I’d been waiting for. I jumped on a plane to Los Angeles with a stop-over in Dallas where I grabbed a quick bite at the airport in the food court area, and never looked back.

Meeting Clark Duke was a blessing-not-in-disguise. I’d not been in Los Angeles for five-minutes, when the good people from “Internet” were literally rubbing money all over my shoulders and face-cheeks, with alacrity. They graciously asked us to be their kings, and after little-to-no deliberation, we said “yes and you’re welcome”.

LOL. This is seriously such a funny show and I’ll definitely be tuning in if more episodes are released. I think it’d be really cool to see it featured on TV as well. This show, if developed and flushed out into longer episodes, could be CBS’s platform to compete with NBC’s The Office (if that’s actually possible considering The Office is one of the only shows on TV good enough to get me to turn off my computer, tune in and really watch each episode).

Images from Clark and MIchael.

-Amanda Mooney


2 Responses to “I Love Michael Cera and His BFF Clark’s Web Series”


    I’ve been tuning in for the last few weeks – HILARIOUS!

    Glad they’re getting a little exposure from you guys!


  2. i love michael cera (L)

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