Reading “Half Way There” as I’m Just Getting Started


It’s 3am in Boston, two days after graduation and I’m still up digging through my reader, pretty feverishly checking out posts and videos on the Web. I’m media snacking and studying up on new concepts, thoughts, ideas and news in digital. I’ve graduated but I’m studying with the fervor of finals because in a few weeks, I’m headed to New York and I’m starting my dream job at Edelman Digital. I’ve been waiting for this for several months (since the unforgettable day when the recruiter called and officially offered the position I accepted without a second of hesitation).

Now, as I sit here, blogging away the last few weeks before my official start, the reality of what I’m about to jump into (working alongside the people I looked up to most during my studies in school) is pretty scary and exciting.

Anyway, as I was going through my reader just now, I came across a post Richard Edelman wrote for his 6 A.M. blog. He posts “Half Way There” on the 30th anniversary of the day he officially joined the Edelman team. He writes, “I was to start immediately… So much for the cushy job at a family business! My father had an offer in 1978 to be acquired by DDB Advertising but preferred to carry on as an independent on the premise that I would try the business for a year. So here I am at age 53, half way through my Edelman career– my dad is 87 and works every day– prepared to tell a few stories.” He goes on to recount some of his memorable clients, pitches and achievements.

So here I am at 22, fresh out of college, about to begin work with Richard and his team, and it’s pretty incredible to imagine what my experiences will be in the next 30 years. What’s even more incredible is having a platform available to me that allows me to connect with my boss and his experiences with the company weeks before I ever officially join the team. I know this wasn’t available to my parents and their peers when they were my age and starting their big post-graduation jobs. I feel pretty lucky to have a boss willing to post his thoughts and experiences and have access to the Web, which makes reading his posts and sharing and reacting to them possible. It definitely makes the whole college-to-“real life” transition a lot easier.

-Amanda Mooney


2 Responses to “Reading “Half Way There” as I’m Just Getting Started”

  1. 1 Mary

    Hey Amanda! Can’t wait to meet you in person soon. I am really looking forward to working with you. Good luck moving!

  2. Congrats on the dream job and good luck with the move to NYC!

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