“From Beer Money to Board Meetings”


PSFK’s Jeff Squires posted this video of College Humor co-founder Ricky Van Veen’s presentation at the PSFK NY conference. Here are two excepts I found on YouTube (I’m having trouble embedding the Blip version here for some reason so this will have to work for now).

Here are a few sound bites I thought were pretty cool:
”You can’t get any more relevant and close to your demographic than having them produce the base layer of it.” The average age around the College Humor office is 24.

“There’s a quote I love from Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures. He was talking about Facebook and he said, “Facebook is unlike anything we’ve seen to date because it’s the first mega-tech company built by the generation that used the Web before they had sex… and being friends with the Facebook guys, I can say that’s definitely true.”

“When a kid comes home, the first thing he does is go straight on his computer, straight to the internet. You have to base your company around where the kids are centered. We know what applications our kids are using and we’ve leveraged those applications. Don’t try to build your own. Harness what’s already out there.”

“One thing advertisers forget when selling to the couch potato is the couch. Viewing on the computer is an active activity, mouse in hand; you want to go on to the next thing. These are page skins, site takeovers that blend in without interrupting the experience. Kids multitask. You don’t need their undivided attention. They can watch a video while they see an ad in the background. The idea of a captive eyeball is bullshit now. You’re got to be in context with what’s being consumed while it’s being consumed. Editorial integration, allowing them to piggyback on our strong editorial voice. Used to be the value ad on top of the media buy. Now it’s the opposite. As a result, we have to make our integration scalable.”

-Amanda Mooney


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