Facebook’s a “Wack Ass Marketing Tool…Find Me on MySpace”


From my latest post on Adrants:

This is too perfect not to share. Four years ago, I was peer pressured into joining Facebook. Now I’m totally hooked but immediately following graduation, I was sent the following group invite from a classmate:

Group Name: peace out facebook

Group Description: “Well I am all grown up and graduated and I think it is time to leave this whack ass marketing tool behind me. I will be a slave no longer. In a day or two once I collect any pictures or correspondence off my account I might be wanting I will be leaving Facebook behind forever. So say your goodbyes!”

The group creator goes on to say (and this is definitely the punchline), “If you want to stay in touch, I’d love that, you can find me on MySpace. And with that I say farewell <3”

The group has 12 members and wall posts like:

Post 1: “wait wait wait wait…you’re leaving facebook because its a marketing tool, but we can find you on myspace? im confused…”

Post 2: “Question.Is anyone who joined this group ACTUALLY going to quit facebook? Like, really? Com’n now. LOL”

Post 3 (from creator of group): “okay yes everyone i will still be on myspace, i know it seems like a big contradiction but it is what it is. facebook tricks you into applications owned by companies that sell your info, myspace what you see is what you get okay?”

I’ve considered joining just because this is so funny. I wonder if we’ll see other classmates following suit. I’ve heard about a few. My brother and his girlfriend deleted their accounts and my roommate threatened to delete hers after she saw FB’s feature in the iPhone ad as a sign of its over-commercialization. This is, however, the first time I’ve ever heard someone my age describe MySpace as the better option. I guess some people feel that incessant, obvious pop-up ads are better than “tricky” branded apps.

-Amanda Mooney


3 Responses to “Facebook’s a “Wack Ass Marketing Tool…Find Me on MySpace””

  1. 1 Will

    You know what’s really funny about this is that Facebook is currently in the midst of developing tabbed browsing in an attempt to become “less myspace-ish”. One of the smaller changes taking place recently have been the user’s inability to minimize/collapse their mini feed (which really pisses me off for some odd reason).

    If these people really think that Fox and Rupert Murdoch are somehow less “evil” and “corporate” than Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook gang than someone needs a roundhouse kick to the face (courtesy of SuperWall, of course).

  2. Lol finally an important use for SuperWall.

  3. doesnt she realize that everything she puts on MySpace is searchable? Right now I’m working on a campaign and adding all friends who mention a certain product to a MySpace profile. Marketers haven’t really been able to successfully infiltrate Facebook in the way they have infiltrated MySpace. Anyone wanting to stay on MySpace via Facebook is out of their minds.

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