Every New Beginning Comes at Some Other Beginning’s End


Two years ago, I came to Boston to get my Master’s degree from Emerson College. Boston was as advertised, youthful, culturally rich, full of energy and passion and, unfortunately, unacceptably cold. So last week, I graduated with my ASL friends and did exactly the opposite of most of my classmates: I quit my job. It was scary, and sad, because I will really miss @MsCharlotte, @juliehallboston, @swirlingmedia and my other SA colleagues. But now I’m going back home to Dallas and then out to LA to find my next opportunity in integrated marketing or digital communications.

I’m on the plane right now, after a wonderful last night in Boston with @AmandaMooney, @MariaGarcia and @LauraNelson. I don’t think I quite realized how much I will miss all the great friends I made in Boston until the end of the night, when we hugged and said goodbye and promised to stay in touch via Facebook and Twitter. We are all splitting up now, going to different cities to begin our different lives.

This is not a sign-off, you will hear from me when I find my new life. In the meantime, friends, please keep your promises and stay in touch. I know where you tweet, so don’t think you can hide. ;)

Goodbye, Boston. I’ll see you around the blogosphere.

-Amy Yen


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