BusinessWeek’s @stevebaker and @heatherlgreen Go “Beyond Blogs”


Three years ago, Steve Baker and Heather Green told BW readers why “Blogs Will Change Your Business.” As Steve and Heather say, “a lot has changed since then.”

They’ve teamed up again and partnered with experts in digital as well as average readers of their Blogspotting blog and Twitter feeds to update the story and discuss life and business “Beyond Blogs.”

They’re digging into the influence and implications of social networks like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter. I’ve been following Blogspotting for a while and responded when Steve posted a query on the blog and twitter to see “how social media has changed business, media, technology, life, not necessarily in that order.” It was pretty exciting to see that they included my “The new resume is 140 characters” tweet in the article. You can read the full cover story here or click on the link below to hear Steve and BW Editor-in-Chief John Byrne discuss the story behind the making of “Beyond Blogs.”

BusinessWeek Cover Story Podcast: An Update on Blogs and Business

-Amanda Mooney


3 Responses to “BusinessWeek’s @stevebaker and @heatherlgreen Go “Beyond Blogs””

  1. Amanda –

    I said this to you on twitter, but I just thought it was too amazing that I actually recognized your name when I was reading the article this weekend! I replied to several of @stevebaker’s questions and it was really cool to know that I (and all of @stevebaker’s followers) was able to witness and be a teeny tiny part of the piece – you even had the glory of having your name printed twice :-)

  2. 2 Virginia Page

    Hi. I just read the business week article and found your quote really interesting. I’m currently working as a Career Counselor and I wondered if you would share some details about how you found your job using social networking. We spend most of our time warning students not to post embarrassing pictures on facebook, and I think we miss out on some of the potential for job searching. Thanks!

  3. Some folks at BusinessWeek are discussing your “140-character resume.” I added comment (not showing till Steve gets in tomorrow morning and approves it) pointing out that your own 140-character resume was rather elusive… it was easier to find your LinkedIn resume.

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