Holy Un-collapsable Mini-Feed, Batman!


Last week facebook announced the (un)anticipated new site layout that they had been kinda-sorta-maybe hinting at for the past few months (i.e. “change is coming…”). The “future” of the profile? Doesn’t get more apocalyptic than that does it?

Well, when Mark Slee, Product Manager for Profile changes (what a job!), linked to screen shots of the new tab-based site, the Facebook Profile Previews page and the accompanying video in his blog post, the greater majority of the facebook community lashed out once again. As we’ve seen, it’s perfectly predictable and healthy obsessive compulsive behavior on the part of facebook’s members.

But will this be worse than the day the News Feed came into existence?


Will you wake up with dozens of invites to join groups called “1,000,000 People Against Tabs”, “Boycott Facebook” or “New Facebook=SATAN”?

Count on it.

Your thoughts?



-Will Wheeler


4 Responses to “Holy Un-collapsable Mini-Feed, Batman!”

  1. I personally really like the new design. Your blog already had posts about how many of us think in tabs and so the ability to parse out the different functions of a profile really appeals to me.

    That all said, some people that never really liked the feed stuff won’t like it any more. It’s just one click more than you usually would have with profiles as they are now. The big thing to remember is that people will adapt. We all accepted the applications when they hit the Facebook. We didn’t leave the network when High Schoolers and non-network users came on board.

    We’ll end up seeing that the Zuckerberg knows what we want more than we do ourselves.. just give the shy guy a few minutes to breathe.

  2. 2 sarahhutton

    Free Willy,

    Everyone will revolt..only realizing they love the new layout and cannot live without it. It’s inevitable.

  3. 3 Will

    @JamesConnors Ultimately, yes I do agree. In fact, I think the tabbed browsing will be better in the end, but some people like seeing their entire profiles all at once, etc. My point is that change is inevitable, so is revolt. The nature and extent of the revolt is what fascinates me.

    And, I am bummed about the un-collapsable mini-feed.

  4. @willwheeler I hate the un-collapsable mini feed! Now we can’t Facebook w/o abandon because our every move is not only part of our login page, it’s part of our profile.

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