Save Twitter! Fund


Last night, at the Spring Social Media + Boston Communicators Outing @swirlingmedia (ie. Patrick Richardson) and crew discussed the need to start a fund to save Twitter. We’re “passing the hat” to save Twitter here:

We’ll send your donations (as well as any helpful development advice you’d like to offer) along to the Twitter team.



8 Responses to “Save Twitter! Fund”

  1. is Twitter sick

  2. You’d think that with over $5,000,000 from a single round of funding, they wouldn’t need donations. IMHO, it’s developers who don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

  3. and i forgot to say that the video is hilarious…looks like they were having a good time LOL

  4. Who is that kid. He’s crazy!

  5. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty disappointed I didn’t stick around for the after-party …

  6. Umm… Twitter just closed $15 Million Dollar second round of funding… they ought not need our purse strings to get by. What they do need is a good kick in the arse if you ask me.

  7. lol yeah. No lack of funding. @swirlingmedia and crew are thinking that if we raise our own funding, we could hire a good developer and force them to use him/her:)

  8. I was there and almost sober (with my Utterz-ready BlackBerry Curve) and I still have no idea what Patrick is talking about.

    By the way, what IS the business model of Twitter?

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