Commencement Speech: Doug Herzog, President of MTV Networks Entertainment


Last Monday, as most of you know, @amyyen @mariagarcia and I graduated from Emerson College. Our commencement speech was delivered by Emerson alumnus, Doug Herzog, president of MTV Networks Entertainment. In true digital native style, I sat in the audience armed with my Flip Video so I could record the anecdotes and advice he offered our class.

I was seated far back in the theater, the lights on stage were glaringly bright and the zoom on my camera didn’t quite allow me to actually ever get a good view of Doug’s face as he delivered his address, so the quality is pretty poor. And although Doug told our class he’d be posting his speech (for all of us distracted by our cell phones, Blackberries and iPods) on his MySpace page and Facebook page and blogging live, this is all I’ve got. His words are interesting though and I thought you’d enjoy them despite the quality.

As Emerson is a school strictly focused on communications and the arts, Doug focused his speech on the media jungle we as communicators, journalists and entertainers find ourselves in. Of course he was sure to add a few “pearls of wisdom” to inspire us to have determination, pursue our dreams, take the road less… well, you get the point. He told us about his first jobs, successes (ie. he’s the guy behind shows like The Real World and the Daily Show) and missteps (ie. his decision to join Fox Networks as its president). In the end, it was a great speech to wrap up our four years at Emerson and start our professional lives in the media and entertainment business.

-Amanda Mooney


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