No Internet for Five Days?? What Will We Do?


Maria and I are heading out of Boston and hitting the road for NY right now. We’re moving into our new place in the city and will have five days of no home access to the Web (gasp). Luckily, I’m sure we’ll find thousands of WIFI spots to grab a connection, but it’s still thrown us a bit thinking about what we’ll do without internet in our home for five days. It should, however, make for a good blog post. When digital natives are stripped of immediate access to the Web, what do we do? Read… books? Actually call or go to see our friends offline instead of Facebooking and tweeting them…? We’ll let you know how it goes:)



3 Responses to “No Internet for Five Days?? What Will We Do?”

  1. I was without home internet access for over a month when I moved to NJ. I actually spent so much of my time at work (read: the entire time) on the Internet it was nice to have a few off-hours. You could, oh I don’t know, explore NYC during your 5 days of disconnectedness…. nah, what am I thinking? You should just sleep at your office. ;-)

  2. Y’all, I’ve been without Internet for one day. Just ONE. And no, I didn’t handle it well. I was watching TV &, you know, actually TALKING to another human being for a while, but I kept thinking of things I wanted to look up online or tweet about & kept being reminded about how I couldn’t! It was horrible! So I feel for you, I forgot how much that sucks. ;)

  3. Without the Internet for five days? Shoot me!

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