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Hi it’s John again and I heard that the iCarly post I wrote has been really popular, so I wanted to tell everyone a little more about the iCarly Web site, which is soooo cool. It’s cool because you can play all these games and listen to music. Some of my friends go on […]



Yesterday I celebrated my grandparent’s 50th Anniversary with family and friends at a bowling themed party. The once roaring bowling alley in Northern New Jersey, stood half empty as we bowled the night away. It made me really think of the generational switch from bowling alleys and drive ins to Wii Bowling and Blue-ray discs. […]

This week, my first blog post on the Edelman Digital blog, Authenticities, went live. It was a pretty big moment for me and really marked the start of my new job. When your bosses give you a login that allows you to publish your perspective on the company’s site, you really get the sense that […]

I had a wonderful time at the Gary V book tour/wine tasting event at the Hotel Commonwealth in Boston last Thursday night.  @garyvee was promoting his new book, Gary Vaynerchuk’s 101 Wines Guaranteed to Inspire, Delight, and Bring Thunder to Your World, and twitter pal, @DmitriGunn along with several sponsors (PerkettPR, mzinga and Beautiful Things, […]

I just came across something on Facebook that I had never seen before. I was invited to a group that seeks to help a woman find her missing father. I had always known Facebook to be used for finding people. In essence, Facebook was created to find and keep track of people. Yet, this time […]

Describe the moment when you first realized that someone other than yourself (and your mom) was reading your blog… I sent this question out on Twitter and here was the response: Share your story- what was it like for you when you first realized that other people genuinely cared about reading your posts online? -Amanda […]

Ok, so cassettes really are awesome. This is the coolest USB I’ve seen. PSFK says vinyls are making a comeback but this and Muxtape are bringing the old school mix tape back…although I’m pretty sure you will never catch me rocking a Walkman instead of my iPod.  -Amanda Mooney

It’s official: my two and a half year old LG flip phone is no more (that is, until my mom adopts it to replace her even less tech-savvy flip phone). Thanks to an awesome graduation gift from my parents, I’ve upgraded to a smartphone – a brand new Blackberry Curve, and oh man, am I […]

Maria and I saw a shop advertising cassettes available for purchase as a means to draw shoppers into the store. Hmmmm… -Amanda Mooney  

Okay, I’ve really been having a problem with this lately. Why won’t AIM bots leave me alone??? I don’t want to be friends with you GossipinGabby, Facebook, LivGreene, Spleak, or USA Today. Why don’t I have to accept you like other friends? You never IM me anyway, and when I IM you to go away […]