WTF is up with AIM bots?


Okay, I’ve really been having a problem with this lately. Why won’t AIM bots leave me alone??? I don’t want to be friends with you GossipinGabby, Facebook, LivGreene, Spleak, or USA Today. Why don’t I have to accept you like other friends? You never IM me anyway, and when I IM you to go away I get some strange automated response. What partnership do you have with AOL/how much are you paying to appear on my buddy list with no notice or explanation. Does it work? Honestly, does anyone EVER speak to you about things you can actually help them with, or do they just beg you to go away, or ask “why are you showing up on my buddy list?”Facebook AIM bot

Have any of you created AIM bots for clients, or have experience with them? And overall, are they successful in achieving whatever goal they set out to achieve?

-Sarah Hutton


11 Responses to “WTF is up with AIM bots?”

  1. I noticed that they’ve been pushing them on new installs of AIM and new users. I think it’s really… incredibly… ANNOYING! You’re right, if they had some sort of usefulness, then maybe. I used to talk with SMARTERCHILD since he was actually useful. They also had a moviebot a long time ago that was useful too.

    When will companies get that we don’t like having to opt OUT of their services??

  2. 2 Omar

    just delete them

  3. 3 sarahhutton

    First of all, please leave insults elsewhere on ASL.
    Secondly, I would like to clarify, that the problem is not how to get rid of them once they appear on an AIM buddy list for example. The problem is the fact that they even exist, and show up uninvited. I thought that was evident from the post.

  4. 4 Kikinaak

    Ya, now they got a new one out called voteredorblue, and its mudslinging against obama.
    This is a new low, and pushing your political agenda on users of your service is one of the fastest ways to get them to switch to alternative services.

  5. 5 Obama Fan

    To clear something up- there is no agenda against Obama involved in VoteRedorBlue. We allow our users to present both sides of the story- and we don’t choose a side. One day you’ll see a message about Obama, the next, McCain. The point is to get people’s opinions out there, not decide what we think they SHOULD believe. We don’t make stuff up- for example, the question that you must have seen, Is Obama Like Britney? is a question that John McCain raised about Barack in an ad that he ran. If you actually looked at the content, you would see that our users were very distressed about the ad (as am I, on a personal note)

    Instead of getting angry, share your opinion with other voteredorblue users. The point is to get people sharing their beliefs-

    If you’re not interested in politics, go ahead and delete the bot. But I sincerely hope you give it a shot and see what all the fuss is about. It’s great to see people actually speaking their minds about the issues that matter to them the most.

  6. 6 Mahatma

    I like VoteRedOrBlue. I’m not American and this is just one crazy thing. I really like it. Keep it up!
    As do I like USA today, although that bot seems to be sleeping more than he is awake.

  7. 7 Anomynous

    I really like the bot: Boredbotz.
    They really help me when I’m bored! You can play games, chat, or share your interests! (like smarterchild but better)


  8. VoteRedorBlue is total BS! I think it’s totally skewed to the red right and AOL/TW or who ever is supporting AIM nowadays better watch it! Quoting this rediculous bot:

    “This is such an obvious question. Jesus would vote for Palin/McCain. Both are Christians, both oppose abortion. Both believe gay ppl should not get married. The better question is… are we closer to the Last Days if Obama/Biden win the election? Scary thought!

    Thumbs Up: 750 users
    Thumbs Down: 1660 users”

    Now tell me that’s balanced?!? ARE WE CLOSER TO THE LAST DAYS IF OBAMA WINS?!?
    I do like that now the race is apparently between Palin and Obama.
    Vote Green ya’ll. If your county is already decided by the democratic ass raping we receive through the electoral college – then USE YOUR VOTE and tell them that we’ve had enough of “two party politix”. we’ll never be the championed leaders of the free world when our choices are decided for us.

  9. Okay what is the best aim bot ?? I really need a GOOD one

  10. 10 Max Kohn

    I used to get GossipinGabby via text message but I lost my phone and with it the text message number to send and receive text messages from this bot and to this lot? What is GG’s text number?

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