Goodbye LG Flip Phone, Hello Blackberry Curve


It’s official: my two and a half year old LG flip phone is no more (that is, until my mom adopts it to replace her even less tech-savvy flip phone). Thanks to an awesome graduation gift from my parents, I’ve upgraded to a smartphone – a brand new Blackberry Curve, and oh man, am I in love with it (my roommates can’t seem to break me of the crackberry voodoo I seem to be “cursed” with).

out with the old, in with the new

I know I’m a little bit behind of the rest of the ASL crew, but I’m super thrilled that I can now, from my phone …

  1. Tweet via TwitterBerry and check my Twitter stream
  2. Update my Facebook status via the Facebook application
  3. Access my corporate E-mail
  4. Surf the InterWeb
  5. Check out the latest ASL blog posts :o)
  6. Search for directions when I find myself aimlessly roaming the streets of Boston
  7. Take pictures and record video, not to mention upload them to the Web
  8. In a nutshell, manage my Web presence virtually anywhere! (except maybe when I’m underground on the T)

The only thing I can’t seem to figure out is how to set multiple alarms. Please, if anyone has any clues, I’m dying to know – I’m a multiple-alarm, definitely-not-an-early-bird type of girl.

Basically, if Blackberry wanted me, I would easily volunteer to be the new Curve spokeswoman. Hooray for new and improved technology; maybe even a new and improved me (as long as I can still wake up on time)!

– Pamela


10 Responses to “Goodbye LG Flip Phone, Hello Blackberry Curve”

  1. YAY!! Welcome to the smartphone revolution! Isn’t it great to not feel as tied to the laptop as we once were??? PLUS the red will look good for you.

    I was toying with the idea of picking up a Blackberry on the Sprint SERO plan ( but when looking at my $$$, it appears that the iPhone 3G will be enough for my wallet!

  2. Haha, well I know you’re still ahead of me and I think Amy as well…unless she’s gotten too cool for school!

    I know the day will be coming soon…I’m kind of scared of the Crackberry. It would be a nice change from lugging around my PowerBook though…

  3. Yay! Congrats!

  4. Yay! Enjoy your new phone… I mean, Smartphone!!! :)

    You’re still ahead of Amy and I (and Will). But I’m sure we’ll catch up eventually ;)

  5. Haha – I guess maybe what I thought was the minority before was actually the majority!

  6. 6 sarahhutton

    hoooray! i NEED THE CURVE. I CRAVE IT. My bberry has no camera. Damn Verizon..

  7. The new Curve for Verizon has a camera – that’s what I have.

  8. I cannot wait to make the transition myself! I have serious curve envy!

  9. 9 meaganfish

    Pamela– Congrats on the phone! I actually made it through a full year of watching Amanda crackberrying away until I got sucked in and got my own! And as I type my phone is downloading Twitterberry:) Also, the multiple alarm thing is killing me too. And where is the one-time only alarm option?! We’ll figure it all out….

  10. Even now that is a nice phone.

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