OMG Someone’s Actually Reading ASL?!


Describe the moment when you first realized that someone other than yourself (and your mom) was reading your blog…

I sent this question out on Twitter and here was the response:

Share your story- what was it like for you when you first realized that other people genuinely cared about reading your posts online?

-Amanda Mooney





4 Responses to “OMG Someone’s Actually Reading ASL?!”

  1. 1 sarahhutton


    “rara on Wednesday, June 18, 2008 said: Edit Link
    i like icarly because very funny !! and every day i watching icarly in nick !! i am your fans from INDONESIA !!”

  2. 2 bloggerwalker

    The same thought went through my mind the day I had my first radio show….”I CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!”

    Okay, so as it turns out the world is waaaaayyy harder to change than I thought.

    It is really cool though to get comments and opinion on your thoughts and experiences. That is really what life is all about isn’t it? Sharing ideas, evolving through conversation and thought? Realizing that you are a part of that is a thrill.

    One of my favorite widgets is from Feedjit. It shows real time stats on who is visiting your blog. You get information on where they are from, how they got there and how they left.

    Cool, blog btw, I think I’ll make it the newest addition to My Yahoo page.


  3. This was not the first time, but a week ago at the Boston Communications Group Happy Hour I met a woman and talked for about 30 mintues with her. At the end of our conversation I gae her my card, she saw the logo and said, “oh… I love your blog”. It wasn’t until the logo that she realized who I was and that she reads the blog all the time. I guess my name/face recognition is not that big.

    PS – Shouldn’t you have a bunch of wonderful stats on your blog like the number of subscribers, visitors, links and such? So you would know how many people are reading it? Someone told me there is a company called HubSpot that has cool software that does stuff like that. :)

  4. :) I definitely have analytics synced up to the blog and HubSpot is really awesome. I hear the guy running the HubSpot marketing department is super cool and a Facebook Flyer celeb.

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