Finding A Missing Person


I just came across something on Facebook that I had never seen before. I was invited to a group that seeks to help a woman find her missing father.

I had always known Facebook to be used for finding people. In essence, Facebook was created to find and keep track of people. Yet, this time someone is using Facebook to find someone in a very different way. The group seeks to gain information about the whereabouts of the missing person from its members.

The group, appropiately called “Estoy buscando a mi papá, necesito la ayuda de todos” (I’m looking for my father, I need all everyone’s help), provides details about the last time the man was seen a week ago, what he was wearing and what he looks like. The group’s creator also makes a heartfelt plea to her friends, asking them to invite more people to the group so that maybe the information will reach someone who can provide information that will lead to finding her 71-year-old father.

Facebook group, \

I have seen Facebook being used for many purposes, but I must say that this particular purpose is a first for me. Hopefully, the 17,708 members the group has will somehow provide the information to find the missing family member.

I guess this is one of the many ways that Facebook proves its usefulness. Have you come across something like this before on this Facebook?

-Maria Garcia


6 Responses to “Finding A Missing Person”

  1. Maria,
    Wow thanks for posting this. This is probably the only useful facebook app I’ve ever seen. I’ll keep the family in my thoughts as well.

  2. I’m not going to lie, definitely got chills when reading this. I agree, great use of Facebook space!

  3. I spoke about this to my mother recently (she is a complete Facebook addict) and she says that it is actually common for people to make this kind of Facebook group often. I guess, that since people disappear a lot less in the United States (than in Colombia, that is) we don’t really feel the need to make this sort of groups. My mother was unable to tell me how effective these groups were, but according to her they are pretty common.

  4. I won’t allow my mom to go on Facebook, because I don’t want her to see my photos from college, or read my wall posts before I have time to delete the bad ones!

  5. oops was that TMI? MY bad :)

  6. Thank you very much. This was a great help.

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