@garyvee book tour/wine tasting brings together many tweeps


@garyvee book tour/wine tasting event

I had a wonderful time at the Gary V book tour/wine tasting event at the Hotel Commonwealth in Boston last Thursday night.  @garyvee was promoting his new book, Gary Vaynerchuk’s 101 Wines Guaranteed to Inspire, Delight, and Bring Thunder to Your World, and twitter pal, @DmitriGunn along with several sponsors (PerkettPR, mzinga and Beautiful Things, to name a few) did a great job hosting the event .

If you’re not familiar with his work, Gary Vaynerchuk (from my home state of New Jersey) hosts a free daily video blog, Wine Library TV (WLTV), about wine tasting and review – and hey, he’s pretty funny.  I really encourage you to check out his vlog.

The event was also a great opportunity to catch up with some of my tweeps and even meet a couple for the first time in person (that’s you, @joec0914 and @ScottMonty!).  I brought along @J_Vaughan, a twitter newbie who experienced his very first Boston tweetup.  With about 200 guests, it was definitely the place to be!  Congrats to @garyvee on such a successful event!

If you happen to be in Rockland, Seattle, Portland or Cleveland on these dates, I suggest you check him out!

Check out a few pictures from the event.

Check out an exclusive first look @SteveGarfield‘s first production of Wine Library Theatre, featuring James Fritland, played by @ScottMonty.  Really … you want to check this out.

– Pamela


3 Responses to “@garyvee book tour/wine tasting brings together many tweeps”

  1. I agree that Gary is doing a fantastic job with his site and his book!



    Editor of Nat Decants Free Wine Newsletter

    Author of Red, White and Drunk All Over

  2. Really wish I could have joined you guys at the event! Thanks for the roundup Pamela:)

  3. Love, love, love wine library tv and can’t wait to buy the book. Any folks coming to visit the Portland show, travel and hour East and visit wineries in Hood River (Columbia Gorge AVA) and don’t forget to do the Hood River Oregon Wine Tour. at Cathedral Ridge Winery, spectacular views and wines. Enjoy our fair state;)

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