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Hi it’s John again and I heard that the iCarly post I wrote has been really popular, so I wanted to tell everyone a little more about the iCarly Web site, which is soooo cool. It’s cool because you can play all these games and listen to music. Some of my friends go on iCarly.com and they just love everything on it.

The iCarly site was inspired of course by Carly’s Web Shows. I think that the way she does her Web Shows really inspires kids to have fun, to be like iCarly, and even to make their own Web Shows!  On the Web site you can submit your own videos and your video might end up on iCarly!! HOW COOL IS THAT?  They even teach you how to do it on everything from lighting to rehearsing. And Carly and her friends are ALWAYS prepared for their Web Shows. That is the most important thing: BE PREPARED!

The show has gotten so popular I can’t even believe it. In April the whole cast appeared live and in character on the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, where they did a special feature Web Show for iCarly fans. Most recently, the show had its first ever marathon that featured the cast showing their individual favorite episodes. So many of my friends can’t wait for season 1 on DVD, which comes out this September. My sister just told me that the iCarly Web site gets over 1 million “unique monthly visitors,” which she says is a lot.

Anyway, it looks like iCarly is here to stay!



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  1. 1 jacob

    hey i realy like your show

  2. i love watching icarly it,s my favorite web show on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. 3 Matthew

    I love watching ICarly! It is a Great Show! The best show i have seen in years! Please don’t stop!


  5. Hi there,ALI here. It’s Friday night and I was just going through some questions that our iCarly fans sent in to us. It’s not that I didn’t have anything else to do on a Friday night, ya know, ‘cuz I’ve got tons of girls asking me out wanting to see me on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays — all days, really! Okay, that’s a total lie. I actually just checked my phone to see if it was on. It was. No one has called since Wednesday (of last week). And that was Sam leaving a very special voicemail where she burped the alphabet. My favorite part of the message was when she screamed, “CONGRATS, you’ve just been dial-a-burped!” She’s such a lady! So anyway… here are the answers to some of the questions you guys sent in.

    GBENDOLPHL asks:
    Sam, is it true that Freddie is stupid?

    ALI Answer:
    I’ll answer this one. No, I am not stupid. In fact, I am the OPPOSITE of stupid. If I were stupid you wouldn’t be reading this blog because there would be no iCarly.com because I created, built, and run this site completely by myself. I’d like to see Sam try to do that! She probably doesn’t even know how to turn on her computer.

    Hey, Freddie. It’s me Sam. Not only do I KNOW how to turn on my computer, but I’ve also figured out a way to hack your blog and write this: “You’re a nub!”

    Luv, Sam (not really)!

    akua asks:
    Is it possible to be allergic to a human being?

    Freddie’s Answer:
    According to my mom you can be allergic to ANYTHING. But I asked my pediatrician and he said that’s not possible. You can be allergic to a shampoo that someone is wearing but NOT the actual person. Wow, I hope that wasn’t a really boring answer akua.

    Hey, it’s me Sam again. Remember I hacked into your blog? Anyway… I’m allergic to your face. Oh, and btw you ARE boring!

    805love asks:
    Could u catch a fly with chopsticks?

    Freddie’s Answer:
    No, I can’t even catch my own food with chopsticks!

    Sam I am! I think you’re wrong Freddie. Flies are the ONLY thing attracted to you, so it should be easy to catch at least one of them with your chopsticks! PS: It’s because you stink. Toodles.

    webfan445 asks:
    Are unicorns real?

    Freddie’s Answer:
    Well… Spencer thinks unicorns exist because he says he saw one at the zoo and he swears it bit him. But Carly and I were at the zoo and it was really just a horse with an ice cream cone stuck on his head. So no, unicorns DO NOT exist!

    Sam here again… Okay, if unicorns aren’t real, why did you ask for one last Christmas? Yeah, I read your letter to Santa. I thought it was really cute how you asked him to make Carly like you. But it’s kinda sad that you didn’t get that either. Awww… Looks like Santa likes you as much as I do.

    hunterkay1 aks:
    Does Sam have a secret crush on Freddie?

    Freddie’s Answer: I think I speak for Sam when I say: No! No! No! No! Blech! Just thinking about it makes me want to puke!

    Hey Sam here. For ONCE I agree with Freddie.
    user comments
    Of course unicorns aren’t real! Spencer’s crazy! P.S. Spencer, if you’re reading this, I mean that in a good way.

  6. I LOVE iCarlys Nickelodeon! Thanks for the blog … I can’t get enough iCarly!

  7. i love sam more than freddie cuz she is so cool and funny rock on sam all ways with u! you 2 carly sorry freddie!=)

  8. is it true freddie`s mom is so sensetive and weird?????

  9. does freddie have a crush on carly

  10. 11 catrin davies

    i love carly and sam and freddie and spencer because they are hilarious

  11. I think that icarly is very good i think that sam is a really good actress but MIRANDA COSGROVE is so much better in drake and josh. Freddy is so HOT

  12. freddie has a hot peice of pants man


  14. I want to sleep with freddy

  15. i think i carly is funny n gd

  16. i think sam + carly are really fit!!!
    i love watching them there amazing and beautifull
    and i think freddie is ok for a boy
    love you sam + carly
    love louise the lesbein

  17. hi icarly fradi and sam you rock i am from israel i know that maybe you think we are ///a litle crazy but its not so trow look sometimes you reed in your show what write to you so please reed it and in english we gonna make a project o n you

  18. i love u u rock

  19. m a y a

  20. carry I really love u and Sam u 2 u rock freddie I dont care wit Sam says u rock I love you so much and ur voice actually got deeper FReddie u are so hot and cool I love you so much I wish I could meet all u guys so much I’d probably go nuts and kiss u (: (:

  21. oops I meant carry I really love u

  22. again oops I meant carly I love u LOL

  23. 25 maggie

    Does any one know where to get the bag that Carly uses for her book bag????

  24. great show – great post iCarly is a great kids show

  25. I just wanted to say that I just want to mack my own show

  26. thank you for telling me that but I dont know what that means!

  27. I also love icarlys show.

  28. Dear icarly I just want you to know my dad is going to think about geting rid of my DOG!

  29. 31 Jenna

    iCarly is the best show I have ever seen. But iGo th Japan is just so coool!

  30. 32 MiniMonkey

    ‘New Webshow’

    MiniMonkey on youtube

  31. love carly

  32. i think carly is the best

  33. sorry freddie and sam carly is the one

  34. 36 meghan

    to maggie- I was watching the show and freaked out when I saw her bag, since I have the same exact one and am completely in love with it! anyway, I got the bag a couple years ago at Lucky Brand Jeans. i’m not sure if they make it anymore, but I hope this helps.

  35. hola carly eresuna chava muy linda no deberias estar
    en icarly.com sino en iquelinda.com sabes hay untonto junto ami su nombre es mauricio

  36. you guys rock. LOL. ROCK ON

  37. hey do u guys have a myspace


  39. Hi look out for the new icarly series and new website!

    Sam here, Yeah look out for it but if I was you I would turn your tv off when ever freddie came on!!

    Freddie, Sam I would fiht with you but i am going to get a gulini pie so whatever!

  40. 42 brittany & leon

    hi me,brittany and my friends ellie & leon have started on a webshow our selves called “wikedwebshow.webs.com” you should check it out.
    we love u all.

  41. es lomas cool de todo saludos

  42. 44 Sam

    Hey check out some of our videos when we were not all that popular on youtube. I know its kinda a lame name but just type this in on youtube. TheFriendlyNinja freddy made the account thats why its such a lame name……

  43. your show is awsome i m watching it i love

  44. 46 Eric Romano-Catron

    I Love your webshow you’re awesome.

  45. 47 Addie

    Hi, I LOVE Carly’s book bag where can i get one?

  46. 48 maria

    esta tan lindo el programa y si yo fuera sam yo quisiera querer a fredi TE AMO FREDY LOVE YOUUUU

  47. Icarly.com is so awsome it is so cool i would wait every hour or minute to watch icarly

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    what ‘s your e-mail address?

  49. i love your web show u are all soooooooo funny, i love sam she is cool, neville is the opposite.

  50. i love your show

  51. I love iCarly. I’m a huge fan! Thanks for the info.

  52. Hey everyone its us the icarly gang we have to shut down our website so never go to icarly.com again so spread the word

  53. 55 Brandon

    hi im a huge fan of icarly i always watch it.

  54. how do we no that these is your web site and its not a faeck

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