Presenting a Brand New “Digital Native” …


Just thought I’d take the opportunity to make an announcement.  It looks as though I’ll be bringing a brand new “digital native” into the world in January 2009.  If me and my fellow ASL authors are already considered “digital natives,” you can imagine how Web-savvy my little one is going to be!  I wonder if his/her little brain is picking up any wireless signals …

For more information/updates about the progress of my “little baby lump,” feel free to visit my new blog at

– Pamela


2 Responses to “Presenting a Brand New “Digital Native” …”

  1. OMG can’t wait. Especially considering that you’ve taken his/her baby book digital with Little Baby Lump. Just imagine, baby’s first tweet, baby’s first wall post, baby’s first Google… :) As soon as he/she can type, I’ll create a new author account here on ASL

  2. You need to start some sort of sponsorship with baby products companies, and then do a live webcast of the birth! (kidding)


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