Straight to Voicemail


Amanda Gravel recently told me about Slydial, one of her clients at SHIFT. It’s basically a service that allows you to call someone without actually having to speak with them directly. It will, as this post is aptly titled, send you straight to their voicemail, so you can leave a message and avoid the awkwardness of actual conversation. 

I love this. Although our society has flocked to technologies that connect us with incredibly vast networks of people, we’re still largely insulated when it comes to interpersonal communication in the most traditional sense. I have entire lists of people I know whom I only communicate with via email, SNs, and possibly chat. And, really, there are so many meetups, tweetups, tech cocktails, tech karaokes, social media breakfasts, etc. that in-person meetings suddenly don’t feel as intimate or intimidating as picking up the phone and calling someone. Seriously consider the ratio of people you call. 

Services like Slydial are interesting because in a time when everyone’s shouting “Join the Conversation!!!” this is literally saying “skip the conversation.”

What do you think? Do you prefer straight to voicemail communications?

-Amanda Mooney


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