OMG My Dad Joined MySpace and Started a Blog


My dad just called to tell me he joined MySpace and started a blog. Seriously, if you read my Crossing the Chasm post, you know why this is a big deal and really cool. I told him I’d check it out and give him my advice on his page. After my first look, I’m seriously impressed. In all honesty, I’m not sure how to deal with the fact that my dad’s MySpace page is already cooler than mine. He even coded in a background and and uploaded a track from one of his band’s recent recording sessions. I think he already has more friends than I do on MySpace as well:)

After we polish it up together, I’ll link to it here so you can check it out. 

I was recently interviewed by Brian Braiker for an AARP story about how families use the Web to stay in touch and this is a pretty good example that I wish I had to offer before the story was published. I think my recent move to Chicago and busy schedule made my Dad realize that the best way to reach me outside of our weekly phone calls is to spend a serious amount of time on the Web in social networks. He told me that he and my mom subscribed to my feed here on ASL and my videos on YouTube and thought he’d start doing some of his own networking. 

Anyway, I’m really proud. Now I just have to figure out how I can get him on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and all of the other sites I split my time between.

(Disclosure: MySpace is a client of Edelman)

-Amanda Mooney


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  1. 1 MariaGarcia

    That’s so cool! :)

  2. LOL. I’m totally going to friend your dad on MySpace tonight. ;) I’m still trying to coax my dad into joining LinkedIn. Hey, baby steps. :)

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