If Muxtape Made a Breakup Mixtape for the RIAA, What Tracks Would Be On It?


Seriously, this makes me so sad:

I’m a HUGE fan of Muxtape and I’ve gotten really use to having the ability to check out friend’s and stranger’s mixtapes on the Web. I think listening to someone’s mix sometimes tells you more about a person than their Facebook profile ever could and it was a cool way to connect online.

Pandora and Muxtape drive more of my iTunes purchases than anything else, so it’s not just a source of free music for me. Actually, these kinds of music sites on the Web have probably made me buy more music than I ever did before because they allow me to discover bands and songs I never knew I’d like or should check out. I’m willing to have ads served up alongside the music (actually, Pandora’s ads are actually pretty cool and usually really relevant to the kind of music I’m listening to), I’m willing to pay a monthly fee, I’m even willing to vouch for the music purchases I’ve made as a result of the service… Anyway, I hope this issue is resolved.

Image from Muxtape.

-Amanda Mooney


4 Responses to “If Muxtape Made a Breakup Mixtape for the RIAA, What Tracks Would Be On It?”

  1. The RIAA assigns the Parental Advisory Label to an entire album and not the individual songs on the album. Web Service

  2. Please show your support! Spread the word about SaveMuxtape.com

  3. Hi Amanda,

    Surprisingly, Valleywag had an extremely insightful post about the likely possibility that Muxtape shutdown due to operational expenses realated to bandwidth, using the RIAA as a scapegoat (not that they deserve better)

    Very interesting possibility indeed.

    – Aaron

  4. I hope they can settle their differences. Breakups are always sad… well, sometimes. I think this one is…

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