Who’s reading my tweets?


This may sound really silly, but today, I received an email from an old friend that made me think a lot about my online habits. My friend’s email curiously demonstrated that he knew a lot about what I’ve been up to lately. So, curious as I am, I asked how he knew about so many things that I was quiet sure I had not told him. His answer was simple, he had been reading my tweets.

Although he is not a twitter user, and swears he would never take part in such activity, and hence couldn’t possibly be following me on twitter, he can still check my updates by simply looking me up. Somehow that really made me think and realize that the information I put on there truly is public.

It’s not that it bothered me that he knew what he knew because of my tweets, after all I never tweet anything I feel is too personal or that I believe is a big secret to the world around me, precisely because I think that not all information is apt for the entire world to know. I just never expected him to know!

I realize that by tweeting I am indeed opening myself to informing people a lot about me and I’m letting people who I may or may not want to inform of my activities, know my activities. It had simply never occurred to me that a person who emails solely because it’s a necessity at work, such as he, would ever find me on twitter. It also made me realize I really don’t ever truly know who reads my tweets.

Tan, tan, tan…

Don’t get me wrong, I love twitter and all the truly valuable information I gain from it, but it’s still a bit creepy to think that your information is out there, anywhere, everywhere for anyone to see, even to people you don’t expect it is. I always felt fine about practically publishing my life, and I still do for all intent and purposes. But, I guess now that I got confirmation that people I didn’t think were reading about me are I realized that it is public…

Do you know who is reading your tweets?

-Maria Garcia


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  1. I don’t know about my tweets, but I found out last Christmas that my cousin had been reading my blog. She had googled me. That was really weird! Like you, I never post anything I don’t mind being read but it was still surprising.

  2. My ‘rents read my tweets all the time. They’ll ask me about how something particular in my life that I haven’t told them is going, and then I’ll realize it’s because they read yesterday’s tweet!

  3. Good post! I have recently joined the digital world with a blog, Twitter account, Facebook, etc. I had an experience a lot like yours a few weeks ago. It was with a professional contact that emailed me soon after I had tweeted about starting a new internship.

    It is truly amazing how instantaneous and “open” these sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc are! I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that your posts ARE being read!

  4. Reading your post reminds me of how I often forget just how big the internet really is. Furthemore, how public twitter is. Once, I sent something to an old coworker using my personal email account, but my work signature came up (its automatic). My work signature includes my twitter handle. I was mortified for a second, then realized, my twitter is so public anyway… why should it matter? I wasn’t embarrassed by any means, but it was a strange feeling. It definitely is easy to forget how public social networking sites, especially when you get comfortable with them and they become part of your normal, daily routine.


  5. Exactly.

    I think the thing I have the most trouble getting my head around is that my life online is not just restricted to the people I “hang-out” with online, it’s open to everybody and I forget that. That’s not a bad thing… it just comes as a surprise (even though it shouldn’t).

  1. 1 Who’s reading my tweets?

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