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Here is Chris Anderson’s presentation at the press event for WIRED NextFest in Chicago. Chris discusses his new book, Free!

OMG. So as Sarah’s written in her “Starting to Date in a Digital World” posts, first we flirted, got asked out, broke up and discussed our relationships with friends over AIM in middle school. Then we hashed out our relationship drama via Facebook. Then an angry Park Avenue divorcee uses YouTube to deal with her […]

    Produced by Katalyst Media (founders include Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg), “Blah Blah Blah” is a new original content Web property that delivers a unique perspective on popular culture from the vantage point of the Blah Girls (” Well said Kutcher, but really, it’s like a cross between South Park and Perez Hilton. […]

  Loves it.  -Amanda Mooney

I wrote this post for the Edelman Digital blog and thought I would share it here. When I sat down with my latte and stack of glossy magazines this Saturday, my intention was completely confectionary: to immerse myself in the photos and anecdotes from New York Fashion Week and take a break from any thinking […]

My colleague, @luebue or Wolfgang Luenenbuerger as he’s known outside of the twittosphere, recently recorded this video on social media in Europe. I really enjoyed it and thought I’d share it here:

  I wrote the following post for Adrants but thought I’d share it here as well: In this week’s Times Magazine, Clive Thompson (or @pomeranian99 on Twitter) described in his “I’m So Totally, Digitally Close to You” article how “incessant online contact” encouraged by tools like Facebook’s Newsfeed and microblogging platforms like Twitter, has created “ambient awareness.” […]

  I wrote the following post for Adrants and thought I’d share it here as well. TubeMogul recently announced the launch of a new “dating site” for content producers and potential advertisers. It’s calledTubeMogul Marketplace and from its start, I see its value both as a marketer and as an avid content consumer. With an incredible […]

Recently, as I scanned posts on the All Facebook blog, I was struck by a paticular post that described Facebook as one of the fastest growing search engines on the Web. “According to this July’s comscore data the fastest growing locations for search are Facebook and MySpace. MySpace had 539 million searches and Facebook had […]

So it wasn’t so much a vacation as a post-college, new job/city adventure, but here’s what I’ve been up to since May.