“What I Did For My Summer Vacation”


So it wasn’t so much a vacation as a post-college, new job/city adventure, but here’s what I’ve been up to since May.


3 Responses to ““What I Did For My Summer Vacation””

  1. Hey Amanda, sounds like a super busy Summer, I too moved to a totally new city three years ago, Las Vegas, yea it was cool at first, now it’s getting old, and waaaay to hot, I’m thinking maybe going back East somewhere, not sure where though, yet. But, if I do, you gave me a good idea as I watched this post, I am going to video blog the trip and what it’s like to go to a new city and set up camp, so to say. Well, have fun in Chi-town. Take care. :)

  2. Hey, Amanda. Great video. You should do more of them. Interview some of those people at Edelman Chicago, too.

    I’m going to share this with the students as one thing I’ve added to their final project (a digital portfolio) is a video introduction. Your video serves as a good example.

    Really enjoyed the audio interview you all did with Richard Edelman, too. Especially enjoyed Mary’s “Hey, y’all” intro. Got quite a smile out of that one.

    Take care and enjoy your new adventure. And hey, you also helped name a social network called “PROpenMic” this summer, too. ;o) And we appreciate that.

  3. You look really good. It was great to see you and hear your voice. I’m so glad that you are out there on your own.
    As for my family, my mom and dad are just like your mom and dad. they don’t have myspace accounts. I think my mom still reads me blog but I had to set it up so it was a book mark. :) Thanks again.

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